At City Health, we guarantee high standards of care. It is this attention to quality assessment that benefits patients by promoting faster, “best practice” responses to critical and acute conditions and, consequently, an improved chance of survival and recovery.


Our digital platform incorporates registration, clinical systems, patient and bed management, laboratory, radiology, medical image archiving, pharmacy, financial accounting, materials management, and human resources systems into an integrated and efficient experience assuring strict record confidentiality. It is this platform that ranks us first among equals with reduced patient wait times, improved safety, decreased costs, and increased service capacity. Our platform helps our doctors achieve the “five rights:” right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, and right time enhancing patient safety by reducing the sources of medication errors.


Outsource to our laboratory services. We provide efficient and reliable solutions for doctors, hospitals and private healthcare providers who require a broad range of diagnostic testing and health Screening services. Our state of the art diagnostic machinery, expert technicians and dedicated laboratory practices will ensure that results are always delivered quickly and accurately.