Frequently Asked Questions

What services does City Health Hospital offer?

We are an outpatient hospital offering medical services ranging from general consultation, Specialist services, Dental, Optical, Radiology (CT-scan, Ultra Sound and X-ray, Laboratory and Pharmacy services.

What Specialist services does City Health Hospital have?

We have: Gynecologists, Obstetrics, Dermatologists, Pediatric, Physiotherapy, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), Physician and Nutritionist.

Where is City Health Hospital Located?

We are located in Nairobi CBD, Odeon cinema building (1st floor), Tom Mboya Street

What are City Health Hospital's operational hours?

We operate from 8am and close at 8pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday we operate from 10am to 4pm.

Which days of the week is City Health Hospital open?

We open on all days of the week Monday to Sunday

What are the customer service contact details?

Our phone numbers are 020 440 8298, 0740 429 779, 0794 563 471

Our email address is hospitalcityhealth@gmail.com

Do you accept NHIF cover?

Yes. Our hospital is NHIF accredited and thus we accept the NHIF cover.

What insurance covers do you accept?

We accept NHIF, AAR, UAP, AON MINET, SANLAM, SAHAM, CIC and Kenya Alliance.

Do you have dental clinics?

Yes. We have the dental clinic at our outpatient hospital.

Do you have Optical services?

Yes. We have the optical clinic at our outpatient hospital.

How much are the consultation fees?

General consultation fee is Ksh. 900 shillings while specialists’ consultation fee is Ksh 2,000 per specialist.

Do you offer Ultra Sound Scans?

Yes. We have the radiology unit offering Ultra Sound Scans, CT-Scan and X-Ray services

I have a prescription/laboratory request from my doctor. Can I bring the request and access City Health Hospital services?

Yes. Anyone with a prescription or laboratory request from a qualified medical practitioner can access City Health Lab services

Can I access my medical records?

Yes, patients can access their medical reports. All information is held in confidence and cannot be released to any third party without a patient’s written expressed consent.

How do I join your team?

Send in your resume to cityhealthvacancies@gmail.com and if the fit is right, we shall get back to you.