Home Remedies for Ear Infections

The ear is one of the most important sense organs. a man who has proper hearing can’t even think about living the life of a deaf person. For a normal human being, the ability to hear is linked with his emotional motives as well. Hearing his children talk to him, the laughter of his parents and cry of his beloveds all affect him a lot. Even to have good communication skills and speaking abilities, especially the verbal communication, one is required to have a good hearing. As mostly we see that if someone lacks the ability to hear, his speaking is also effected. As he has never heard of phoenix, he doesn’t know how to pronounce them right. Such people has labeled as deaf and dumb. They make use of sign language. But of course it doesn’t have the same impact as that of verbal communication.

Ear infections are usually caused by both; bacteria and viruses present in the middle ear. As statistics show that ear infections are more common in children than adults, the causes clearly justify and support this fact. One of the biggest cause of ear infection is “wax buildup”. As adults we learn to take care of our personal hygiene, but at a younger age, we are dependent on our parents to do so. Parents might remember to clean up their ears even 2nd day, but might forget about their children, considering that the child might be sleeping, playing or may be at school while they clean theirs.

Other causes also include food allergies, such as allergy of nuts or fish, environmental allergies, respiratory or nose infections, fetal alcohol syndrome, internal injuries, malnutrition and even genetics plays a part in sensitivity of the ear. Some prominent symptoms of the ear infections might be severe pain, headaches, running nose, breathing problems, tugging at the ear, inflammation behind or in front of the ear and poor hearing. Only in severe cases does one suffer from high fever, fluid excretion from the ear, vomiting, diarrhea and many other symptoms that require extra attention and care.

As much as one wants a speedy recovery, he must think through the possibilities of having to face the side effects as far as allopathic medication is concerned. Then considering this renowned fact, he turns to home remedies that are purely natural and in most cases have a zero percent chance of side effects. Below are a few home remedies which are very easy and anyone can try them at home!

  • Salt: it is available at everyone’s home and this remedy is one of the most used remedies. Heat a cup of salt in your microwave, pan or a double boiler (whichever is available) for almost 3-5 minutes. Put this heated salt into a cloth, cloth pocket or even a sock and seal the end with a rubber band or anything that keeps it closed tightly. Keep checking when the salt becomes bearably hot, when it does, lay the cloth pocket on the effected ear for 5-10 minutes and keep changing positions so that no side is left untreated. Repeat this remedy thrice or four times a day.Basically the salt helps in absorbing the fluid in the ear and the heat that it provides draws out fluid; this relieves the swelling and pain.Use this same remedy with rice as well. It works both ways.
  • Garlic: produce garlic oil by cooking two of garlic cloves in two table spoons of sesame oil, or mustard oil (whichever is available) until the cloves turn blackish. Strain out the solution when it is considerably hot. Pour almost 2-4 drops of this oil in the infected ear.Alternatively, you may boil 2-3 fresh cloves of garlic in water for 5 minutes. Crush them and then salt them (cover them in salt) and put tis paste in a cloth. Place this cloth against the infected ear.
  • Basil: crush 4-5 holy basil leaves in a very gentle manner for you want to get the juice out of them apply this juice only ON and around the ear. Don’t let the juice run inside the ear canal.Moreover, you may mix the holy basil juice with oil like coconut oil. Soak a cotton ball or a cloth piece in the mixture of oil and wipe the inner ear and the edges of the ear. Also rub the mixture behind the ear.